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We offer a local, quick, personalized technical support and a consultation service. Our team of technical specialists has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing field.

Basic technical support is free and can only be accessed online for Landrytek customers. Basic technical support is offered for:

  • Help with updating and installing licenses / Assigning users;

  • Technical questions with reference to training received (refreshment);

  • Minor post processor modification (evaluation required by our team).


Advanced support can be accessed online by purchasing hours blocks and is used for:

  • Post processor modification and customization;

  • Support / coaching to program your parts;

  • Learn more about specific software functions;

  • Personalized training and sharing of our expertise online.

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 LANDRYTEK is your CAD/CAM partner and we put our skills, experience and professionalism at the service of our customers in order to optimize the performance and maximize their resources.

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